Maya Nadimpalli, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor (beginning May 2022)

Gangarosa Department of Environmental Health

Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

Other affiliations

Tufts' Stuart B. Levy Center for Integrated Management of Antimicrobial Resistance

Previous Positions

Research Assistant Professor and Tufts' CTSI KL2 Scholar, Tufts University, 2020-2022

Education and Training

Postdoctoral training at the Institut Pasteur and the Pickering Lab at Tufts University (now at UC Berkeley)

Ph.D. Environmental Sciences and Engineering at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

M.S. Environmental Sciences and Engineering at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

B.A & Sc Environmental Sciences at McGill University, Montréal, Canada

Read about my research interests here --> Nature Career Q&A

Sweta Balaji

B.S. Quantitative Biosciences Concentration in Biological Anthropology

(May 2025)

Sweta is an undergraduate from Cleveland, Ohio. Sweta’s involvements on campus include Emory Data Science club, Uplifting Marginalized Mothers & Individuals (UMMI Emory), serving as an ambassador/student advisor for the Quantitative Theory and Methods & the Center for Human Health departments, and as a resident advisor for a first-year residence hall. Sweta is passionate about data analysis and the use of epidemiology to study and improve the outcomes of historically underserved communities. Sweta is assisting with a scoping and systematic review of health disparities in drug-resistant bacterial infections.

Natalie Olson

PhD candidate in Environmental Health

Natalie is conducting metagenomic analyses on chicken fecal samples from Maputo, Mozambique to identify risk factors for antibiotic resistant bacteria and compare microbiome diversity & composition between chickens and children in this community. She is primarily interested in the eco-epidemiology of zoonotic spillover at the wildlife/livestock/human interface.

Madison Schwab

PhD student in Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution 

Madison is benchmarking strain tracking tools to assess strain sharing between chickens and young children in peri-urban Lima, Peru.  She is especially interested in the population-level transmission dynamics of microbes and ecological drivers of zoonotic spillover events. She also enjoys hiking, swimming, and playing fetch with her dog.

Recent grads

Cameron Goetgeluck, MPH in Environmental Health & Epidemiology, Certificate in Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology (May 2024). Currently a Rollins Outbreak Analytics Fellow at the Georgia Department of Health.

Shayna Matson, MPH in Global Environmental Health (May 2024). Currently at Alaska Department of Public Health as a Disease Intervention Specialist.

Chanda Mwansa, MPH in Global Health (May 2024).

Addison Blackmon, MPH in Epidemiology (May 2024). 

Dania Hussain, MPH in Global Environmental Health (May 2023). Currently an ORISE fellow at the CDC in the Clinical and Environmental Microbiology Branch.

Lily McNulty, MPH in Global Health, concentration in infectious disease (May 2023). Currently at NORC at the University of Chicago.

Oluwatosin Olojo, MPH in Epidemiology, Infectious Disease certificate (May 2023)

Spring 2024: Congrats to our graduating students Shayna Matson (MPH Global Environmental Health), Samson Alemu Argaw (MPH Global Health), Cameron Goetgeluck (MPH Environmental Health), Chanda Mwansa (MPH Global Health), and Addison Blackmon (MPH Epidemiology)

Spring 2024: Lab hike to see the seasonal diamorpha bloom at Arabia Mountain (left), and welcoming Dr. Miguel Salazar, Fulbright Fellow from the Philippines, to the lab (right)!

Spring 2023: Beautiful day in Atlanta for a lab social! Congratulations to our graduating students Tosin Olojo (MPH Epidemiology), Dania Hussain (MPH Environmental Health), and Lily McNulty (MPH Global Health)